by Anne Roshie

My sister Nonny, mentioned at one time that I am always wearing heels on the blog. Truth be told, I love high-heeled shoes, the higher the better. If you've been a frequent reader of the blog, I  think by now that’s a no brainer. I once saw a quote that said, “Life is short. Heels should not!”

How appropriate!

But let's be honest, I don’t run around in high heels when am running errands. Whenever I feel the need to get things accomplished, I come down to earth, and don some flats.

I got these gorgeous red tomys from a Bata store in Kenya. They are perfect for those casual days. Absolutely adore them! Keziah and I can’t get enough of the Kiondo bags, we carry them pretty much anywhere. The color, textures, and patterns are so authentic, it's a beautiful bag to have.

 Hats are great accessories if you want to add some flair to a look, or on those bad hair days. lol

   The weather has been somewhat ok the past few days thus a simple navy blazer paired with blue jeans and a printed top were a go. After months of nasty winter, massive layering, and mind numbing cold, I am ready to stash away my coats and scarves then soak in some sun.

Spring is right around the corner. What a delight!

Photo Cred: Kez Kez

Photo Cred: Kez Kez

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