by Anne Roshie

      I have been eating everything and anything after my half marathon this past Sunday. Stuffing my face to be exact. I have been telling myself that I deserve it, after all I did ran a half marathon but I tend to take the "i deserve it" part too far. Training for a half marathon requires you to be on a slightly high carb diet. You need the energy to get you fired up for the milage. Now that all that is done, I need a new challenge. I thrive on them. I will be starting a different way of eating which I will touch up on the wellness post later on this week. It will be challenging but very interesting.

      For this third month of the year, I will be channeling the color green. Money green, forest green, olive green, mint green...you name it. I am deep into my color story guys and here is a little info on this vibrant color. Color theorists define green as the color of nature. It symbolizes growth, harmony, fertility, and freshness. It is calming to the human eye and it suggests stability and endurance. Well, enough said. I am going green for the month of March and furthermore, Spring is right around the corner. Perfect timing.

 I was going through my closet the other day and I found some vintage gems I had not worn in quite sometime. For those who have been reading my blog over the years, you do know I have a serious obsession to vintage anything. This dress was stuck in between another dress and when I pulled it out, I gasped. Oh darling!! Where have you been? I remember buying it because of the silk detail, little cute buttons that run up and down the dress. It also reminded me of the 80's show 227 with the big sleeves and high collar. Now that I think about it, the big massive sleeves are back popularly known as the mutton sleeves. Here's an interesting fact, when I bought this dress, I had trouble squeezing in the tiny waist buttons. When I wore it recently, the button and loop came together like long lost friends making me burst out some dance moves. I guess those half marathon training sessions really paid off.