by Anne Roshie

This post was supposed to go up last night. Why did  I forget after stating that I would push my self? It would be easy to come up with excuses which won't cover the fact that I did not post.

I am learning how to start prioritizing things. Especially when it comes to this blog of mine. I had a good ol time last night with mum who is currently staying with me. She is loving and enjoying every moment and it such a jot to watch her being wowed by everything. 

My favorite part, our subway commutes. 



by Anne Roshie

I have decided to start sharing little stories that drift like plastic bags on a windy day in my head. They may be random and just about anything. These posts will be accompanied by doodles and sketches that I will be doing on the go. I always find a story say walking to the subway, or jsut standing in line at a coffee shop. I constantly remind myself to write the story in my head but as soon as I start doing something else it disappears. The frustration is real!

I workout 3-5 times a week. My body loves it and responds to it. I hope to do the same with my writing. In doing my daily writing - or journaling I get to exercise my writing and sketching muscles. We might get a little personal, have questions that need answers.

Everyday will be different. Come along for the ride