Happy Monday everybody, it’s cold, dreary, and rainy in good ol Baltimore and since we are finishing up with the late posts from Kenya, grab a cup of tea for this one. It’s quite looong.

    New Fashion with Roshie episodes will be up soon on KenyanVibe and on here very soon.  Totally thrilled!! 

     To start me off was a dynamic duo from one of my fave blogs out there, Twomanysiblings. Velma and Papa are the siblings behind the blog and it was so much fun getting to know them. They showcase their unique aesthetic  that combine their mutual love for art and evolving style . As a vintage afficionado, thier candidly taken photos always feels me with nostalgia. They are not just fashion enthusiasts, for them it is a way of life. Velma and Papa have garnered a massive following due to their subtle and very authentic style. Can’t wait for you to watch that episode and get to hear about their journey as bloggers and fashion trend-setters.

     We got to shot in the Central Business District (CBD) of Nairobi as people were going about their day-to-day business. The production team wanted Velma and Papa to choose a location of their choice and they zeroed down on the city!! I'm afraid I might start to spill the beans on this one so all I can say for now is, keep your eyes peeled…

A huge special thanks to my darling sisters Flo and Nimo for being the greatest ASSISTERS ever. Love you guys.

Being a fan of all things Art, I decided to go with an Art-deco print shift dress. Shift dress to hide the effects of those tasty masala fries, you will know why shortly.

For those who are wondering, a shift dress is a columnar dress, usually short, with no defined waist. It doesn’t curve to the body or cinch to the waist. (See what I mean!! Totally loose!!)

The style is simple with very little detailing. Hubert De Givenchy is credited for designing the shift dress in the early sixties. Audrey Hepburn wore a black shift dress in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and today the film as well as the dress are in the Fashion Hall of Fame.  In 1966, Mary Quant a designer from London also regarded as “queen of mini-skirt” turned the shift dress to the mini-dress.

Designers have embraced art deco and since am on a roll with all this history, here we go. “Art Deco is an elegant style of decorative art, design, and architecture which began as a modernist reaction against the Art Nouveau style.  (Art Nouveau is an elegant decorative art style characterized by intricate patterns of curving lines.) Art Deco is characterized by the use of angular, symmetrical geometric forms and is said to have started in the 1920s.”**(

So they ummm pretty much got tired of the wavy lines and soft curves and decided to go all crazy with angles and shapes!! Nothing wrong with that, I'd rebel too, wavy lines make you dizzy right? Am kidding!! Prada had Art Nouveau inspired designs for their Spring collection.

    The times were changing in the 1920s especially for women and it was regarded as an era of great experimentations. Designers became more innovative in their sewing, draping, extreme detail on seams. Feather and beads were used as well. (Think GREAT GATSBY!! Splendor and glamour!) The use of graphic, abstract print a characteristic of Art Deco came into play as well and is being showcased up to today.

Apart from creating garments, the history of a design/garment is another area of fashion that I’m really passionate about. Absolutely fascinating!!! It’s interesting how my little dress, can take you way back in history. 


I donned blue high-heeled sandals which I found rather comfortable as we walked in the city. For accessories, rings galore, not forgetting my omni-present maasai bangles. Kept things a tad simple if I may. With Art Deco Print, everything else should be minimal. 

Photo Cred: Miss Nimo

Photo Cred: Miss Nimo

Tag me on a photo if you happen to rock an #Art-Deco print dress. It would be awesome to see how you style your look. 

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