by Anne Roshie

I was having a conversation with my home girl about how important coats are in the winter. Coats and good shoes. The rest you just layer up. We started cracking up when we started mentioning get-ups that we could get away with while rocking a bomb coat. You could rock some pajamas, layer with a warm sweater, chunky scarf, a beautiful coat, some booties and you are good to go! It has been unseasonably warm the past week or so but with winter right around the corner. It's best to be prepared so that when winter strolls in all cold and frosty you are ready. A coat does a lot to your outfit. One it adds a glam factor, two it provides warmth and three your look becomes unabashedly feminine even with pajamas on. 

       Olivia Pope has been rocking some really gorgeous coats the past seasons of Scandal. Her coat game is on a serious level. The coats are so fabulous that there are special Pinterest boards for inspiration. Not wanting to be left out of that inspo party I figured I share some street style looks that I absolutely adore. Check them out and hopefully, you too will be out there handling business like the Pope. Olive Pope!

Pictures from Pinterest.