I was born and raised in Kenya. A country so vibrant and rich in all things color. From the red soils, to the greenery, to graphically painted matatus, dazzling vitenge outfits. A country which is world renowned for its marathon runners and idyllic safari getaways. I should also mention the dreamy Kenyan Coast along the Indian Ocean. White sands, blue waters, and a climate that is every globetrotter's dream. Talking about it feels me with nostalgia.

I grew up in a household, with six other siblings who were loud, rambunctious, at times bonkers and hilarious as hell. It was quite a scene having all of us in one room. My mother used to sit at a corner in our living room, her eyes bright with amusement watching our antics. She would be knitting or holding a book which was now an afterthought on her lap since her children were on stage. Mother always had a book with her. Still does. I am sure if I opened her pocket book right now, I would find a nice thick volume with words ready to be digested. I must have picked up my love for reading from her. We did not have a television growing up, hence entertained ourselves by telling stories of our day by day on goings and dramatizing just about anything. We laughed, howled and at times cried until our ribs hurt. It comes as a surprise to me that none of us went into theater or acting, we were that good. We told stories, teased each other but most importantly we supported each other through thick and thin. We did not have much but we had each other, and that was more than enough.

        For my quiet time away from my exuberant family, I read. A lot. Well, I read novels my older brother and sister left lying around. Sidney Sheldon was a favorite when I was nine. I feel in love with the characters, their thoughts, their souls. Reading allowed me to quiet and attentive. Now more than ever, reading allows me to be quiet in a world that no longer makes place for that. Stories for me have always been important. telling them, sharing them, & connecting with them. 

Being one of four sisters, we at times had to share our clothes. I had to get a little creative with my little outfits. Perhaps that’s where my love for fashion blossomed. I loved playing up with the colors and prints, mixing and matching textures. I loved sketching and painting envisioning a career in architecture. I found construction and details very fascinating but I later realized my love for art and clothes, construction and detail could be merged into fashion.

This blog started back in the fall of 2012, after graduating in Apparel design, I needed an outlet where I could share my stories, and looks in my own voice. Looks which were at times unconventional. Four years later.....
Anneconventional has become a fashion/ lifestyle journal where I share the tales and conversations that I hold close to my heart. It gives you an intimate look of my love affair with fashion, the life lessons amassed on this creative journey, and wellness because we not only want to look good outside, but inside as well. I hope you get inspired and encouraged to live your life to the fullest.

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