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     Beauty and Fashion go hand in hand, you cannot have one without the other. It’s like peanut butter and jelly, or peas and carrots, or in more fashionable terms, jeans and a white tee, or an LBD with classic black pumps.  Beauty products enhance how you present yourself to the world. They add flair to your look, a spring to your step, and make you walk with your head held up high.

    Women and men have been using beauty products since time in memorial. Personally, I am a huge fan of the eyeliner. The eyeliner is said to have first been used in ancient Egypt. I can't think of a winged eye-liner without having Nefertiti in mind. She was the Great Royal wife to the Egyptian Pharaoh back in the day. Then there is the oh so famous "smokey eye". I love a good story so please bear with me.

    In my google expeditions, I found out that the smokey eye which is sooo popular today was first done in the early 1920s. History tells us that the 1920s was a decade of opulence, decadence, glitz and glamor. Think of the Great Gatsby. It was a time of social and political change. The first world war was over, the economy was booming, and the women were liberating themselves shedding their morals faster than their tightly fitted corsets. The smokey eye was inspired by what women were watching at the time on their black and white movie sets. The big screen make up was very intense with dark shadows smudged at the corners of the eyes. The women adopted it as the latest beauty do. 

   Coincidentally, King Tut's*, (another Egyptian pharoah) tomb was discovered. One of the artifacts they found there was a burial mask that had heavily lined eyes, this sparked a huge interest. The eyeliner was officially introduced to the Western world.

Aaahh, how I love such information. 

     I mentioned a while back that I would be adding more content on the blog. For my inaugural beauty post, I figured a chat with someone I consider my friend and an inspiration to many would suffice. Below is a video of my chat with the beautiful Suzie Wokabi, CEO of SuzieBeauty Ltd on all things beauty.


Suzie reallly stressed on the importance of having a consistent skin care regimen. After shooting I wanted to find out what her's was.  She uses Johnson and Johnson; Clean & Clear cleanser to wash her face, and a moisturizer from the same company. To ensure her skin stays soft and zitt-free, Suzie uses these products for her morning and evening routine.

I was surprised to find out that she doesn't fuss with her make up!! 5 minutes tops and she is done.

Suzie went for a very natural look for her eye makeup. On her face, she used the Suzie Beauty LATTE Conceler then locked it in with the Suzie Beauty Pressed Powder. For her lips she went for a subtle soft Suzie beauty NIKII lipcolor in pink.

All these products can be found here.

A quick Celfie..

A quick Celfie..

Keep your eyes peeled for more beauty posts which will include my favorite products, hottest beauty trends, and so much more. If you have a question, shoot me an email at or message on my facebook or twitter.

Have a lovely day.