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Anne RoshieComment

        Hey guys, hope everyone is doing great. I bet you have noticed I haven't posted in almost three weeks. Yikes!!!! Ok..... so  I moved to a new place and have been busy settling in. The best part about it is dabbling in home decor. So many great ideas. Am a very eclectic person when it comes to home design, I want a little bit of everything put together tastefully. It's going to be great seeing how everything turns out.  On the style posts, no worries, a new post will be coming up shortly.

      I posted a while back on Facebook that I will be expanding the blog. It's something I have been thinking about for a while now. I have had some of you ask me how do I know what lip color will work for particular outfit, details on make-up and so forth. For those lovely readers, a beauty section will be up for you. I will be sharing some finds, what I use on the go, and touch up on skin care as well. 

Also I will have a lifestyle section to answer the questions, share some tips, some inspo, how to's, and soo much more. Am really thrilled about this. Am opening up to you guys and also sharing some of the things I love outside fashion and style. So stay tuned.

EXCITED?? I know you are, because I am too.

The style posts will still remain because it's all about anneconventional fabulousness!!!
Am soo fired up writing this post, must be this festive season :)

Happy Holidays  and be sure to check out my latest episode of  #FashionwithRoshie webseries on vintage shopping!!