Let’s talk about how much I love my biker jacket. Like I love you to eternity kinda love. It seems to get better and better with age. If I could, I would  rock it daily, there’s no shame in showcasing love right? Any kind of love… If it could talk, well, let’s just say Biker J here would be having their own blog!! Here’s a list of where my biker jacket has been spotted.

With my go to Sunday best dress? check

Date night? Check

Gym? Check

Movie night with the musketeers? check

A movie screening in New York? check

A quick stop at Rite Aide in Sweat pants? Check

New York again? Check

Strolling on the Las Vegas strip at night? check

Rocking it in the house cause I just want to? Check



…check x1000

Ok! You get it…. There is always that one piece in your closet. Always!

For today’s look I felt totally bad ass. Think western movies…dusty salon… gun strapped in holster… quick on the fingers…ten paces out… sort of bad ass. (It's a biker jacket not a cowboy hat?? I knoooowwww, I’m letting my imagination run with me here so just enjoy the ride) Bike or horse, you choose.

That is the best part about dressing up. It makes you feel amazing! Afterall, that’s your style, right? You can be bad ass one day, get a French connection- berets and all  the next day…be a diva on the streets (flips hair** wait no... those days are long gone! Rubs bald head***)…the list is endless.

Then they are days where I really don’t give a flipping %$^%. Am in a get-up so bad, am hardly recognizable. Days that if I attempted to walk out the house, Keziah would say she doesn’t know me, my brother Wesh would confirm that am a tad cuckoo so its alright!!! Then I think about the random friend I might see at IKEA. I don’t know what it is about IKEA, every time I’ve stopped in for some throws or something, I always see someone I know. Weird right?

How about gasing up the car and someone yells your name from gas pump 8? Am on Pump 4, on the opposite side, looking like a total slob! Yes that too can happen… Oh the best one… lining up at whole foods during lunchtime rush hour because you dint want to miss that oh-so-delicious buffet, along comes your ex from three years ago!! Ever wished the earth would open up and swallow you at that exact moment or that you could pull a HOUDINI but since you don’t have such magical powers…you humble yourself before the Lord. For he will lift you up! (You are still frozen on the same spot!) Yikes!!

Ah…MORAL of this over-active imagination? You never know when you get to have a date with destiny. For destiny, you better be looking your absolute best. Be it lining up at the cleaners for your coat, brunching with the ladies on a Sunday afternoon or a late-night Grand Marnier run… You just never know.


Photo Cred: Kimnation

Photo Cred: Kimnation

Knee-high boots, skinny jeans, and biker Jacket. My absolute Fall must haves. Is there anything in your closet that you just love…love…love? Let me hear about it..

Thanks for stopping by AND stay fabulous because...DESTINY! You never KNOW! :)