As my family and I were heading to Naivasha, we literally had to pull over at a stop known as the viewpoint just to stare at the panoramic visual image that the Rift Valley bestowed upon us. The Great Rift Valley is considered as one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Standing there, all I could think of was sometimes in this journey called life, you have to pause and enjoy the scenes around you.  Pull over, let loose, be free, and embrace the moment. Being there with my family, looking out at the horizon where the earth seemed to blend in with the skies in perfect symmetry was a priceless moment for me.

 Well, of course being free meant kicking off my shoes and walking barefoot on an altitude of some thousand feet. The pun is very much intended.

      I have never gotten the "waking up and throwing something together" look. There are some ladies who do that effortlessly and don’t end up looking like scarecrows. Kudos to you!! I on the other hand, threw on a green skirt, chambray shirt, cropped vest, and tied a head scarf on my head for this particular road trip. Thankfully,  I din't scare anyone, so I must have nailed it… 


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