Nostalgia took me back to the Bomas of Kenya. I remember taking school trips to the Bomas back in primary school, singing songs on the bus trip, giggling and talking incessantly. At the time, I was more excited to miss out on the classes of that particular day and spend the day with my friends.

      Kenya is a country of 52 or more tribes living together, they all have their different set of cultures and lifestyle. I could go on a breakdown of the tribes just to show you how much I paid attention in class, but that’s a dissertation meant for another time. The name ‘Boma’ is a Swahili word for homestead. The Bomas of Kenya gives a visual aspect of how the tribes lived in the past. Potraying an insight into their social, cultural, and economic backbone setup of the tribes, pre colonialism. It’s also a preservation of our rich history for future generations.

 Then there is me, in my usual heels, soaking it all in. I had just left a meeting rocking a very neutral look with shades of black, white, and grey then decided to stop by the Bomas.

Peeking out through a watch tower of the Mijikenda Boma.

Peeking out through a watch tower of the Mijikenda Boma.

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Photo Cred: Stella Nonny

Photo Cred: Stella Nonny

Walking from one homestead to the next was such a thrill for my sister Nonny and I. We peeked through the watch towers, stepped through a tiny tiny doors of  thatched huts, the little granaries on the compound, and trying to come up with stories of how each the tribes lived their lives. It is amazing how so much changed post colonialism. Although Kenya has become more westernized, we have not forsaken parts of our rich culture. 

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