My family and I were off to visit my grandmother up-country, at a place called Gatundu, Kiambu County . I remember telling my sister to pull over by this seemingly endless road so we could take pictures (for this post ofcourse). The Kiondo bag was a suggestion by my mum who stood by the road directing the shoot or may be not! She seemed fascinated by this idea of randomly stopping the car, to take pictures for the blog (which I have been known to do). As my mother was enjoying herself watching this shoot per say, along comes this guy on a bike transporting a bunch of bananas. I hailed the man like a cab down on fifth ave and asked him if he wanted to take pictures. He surprisingly agreed and I don’t know if he will ever see this but I want to say Thanks again… guy on bike. He appeared to be in a hurry so I never got the chance to get his name, hence the comparison to that cab on fifth ave. Hurry!! Hurry!! 

Am rocking a dress I got from a thrift store a while back, the style is very 80s. My friend mentioned on facebook when I shared one of the pictures that only I could get away with rocking heels in Gatundu, it made me laugh out loud.

There will be a second part to this post, where I ditch the heels and loosen up a little. Be on the look for that. Find me on instagram and Facebook @Anneconventional and on Twitter @an_conventional

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Happy Wednesday.