Summer whites and dark shades are a must have this season. Despite the heat, I love, love, the weather, I will take it any day over a cold winter one. I need to stop gushing about the weather but I can’t stop. I absolutely love it!!! Am rocking white jeans, simple white shirt, and comfy high-heeled sandals. The quirky eye clutch was an added plus!! 


On this particular day, Kez and I were headed to a local pub to watch the World Cup game between USA and Ghana!! Well, Ghana got a serious beat down!! Then yesterday Spain got eliminated from the World Cup… so much for the defending Champs right? (I know, I know, all this football talk on a fashion blog but am a fan, please bear with me.)

It’s so much fun watching the world cup, even better when you are watching it with a loud group of friends. It’s amazing how a sport can bring nations together. Are you following the games? Who are you rooting for?

Photo Cred: Kez Kez

Photo Cred: Kez Kez

Enjoy the games and as always, thanks for stopping by.