“Maxi? Really!?”

That's exactly what my friend Q voiced out when I mentioned to her that I'd seen a gorgeous, maxi dress from Zara that I really wanted. She, too, can’t recall the last time I wore a maxi. Truth of the matter is, I rarely wear maxi’s, so it came as a surprise to me as well.

 It was a beautiful, blue, maxi dress with thin straps criss-crossing on the back. Perfect for a tropical escape.

It’s dusk, right around dinner time, you can hear the clang-clang-clang of cutlery as the tables are being set. It’s our last night in Jamaica, I am having an “if tomorrow never comes moment” so I run aimlessly on the beach, barefoot, letting the cool waters graze my feet then dance by the life guard's green "watch tower" and allow myself to be an island girl, at least just for tonight.

 Island girl jump like a Maasai? Sure, why not...

Island girl jump like a Maasai? Sure, why not...

 Photo Cred: Stephanie

Photo Cred: Stephanie

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