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Anne RoshieComment

         This word has a double meaning. Depending on how you phrase the word. One word, different meanings. A homophone. Love it!  Depending on how you rooolll your tongue and twist teeth about, you will discover that one is an adjective, the other one is a noun. The noun Content is to have subject matter on a particular topic or area of work, it's also information. It would be of substance. These is what any online publication, school, art work, literary essays and research deals with. For us bloggers, its the bane of our existence. Creating relevant content that will inspire or at times educate and enlighten your readers. Personally, this is the fun part of blogging but creating content is no joke. The adjective part means to be satisfied, adequate, not wishing for more.Today I want to discuss the latter more than the former. 

Do people ever achieve a state of contentment?

Whenever this topic comes up, and trust me it comes up at least a number of times every year, I always go back to that conversation I had years ago. The meaning of happiness and contentment. I believe we all want to be happy. We want to do the work we love, live with the people we love, have them near us. But it all boils down to being happy. I think that is what everyone wants in life. To be happy.

           I have been doing a lot of thinking this whole month after the blog's 4TH Anneversary. It comes with the territory because with every birthday, anniversary or a new year, we tend to ask ourselves questions, create new goals, change a few things in our lives. It is always about the next thing, next move, next phase of growth. Sometimes it can drive you crazy when things do not go your way. I have come to realize that those bumps and hiccups  teach you more than you would ever know. In the process of the "NEXT MOVE" phase, take sometime to appreciate all that you've done, been, seen and learnt. 

       I like to call it a state of Gratitude. Be thankful even when you are plotting or working on your next big thing. I posted something on my Instagram yesterday with a pretty yellow cab making a right turn, lot's of hidden meanings in this yes? That post prompted me to write this post today. The Instagram post when like this

O n c e  in a while, it's ok to pull over the side of your journey and see how far you have come.

           It's amazing that after four years of jotting down words on this space, I still find that there is always room for improvement. I want to give and share my best work. I would rather create one post a week that will be of quality than numerous posts a week with zero substance. I had to go back to the beginning an read those first posts. They are so beautiful. Some made me tear up a little bit. I think it;s about time I started sharing Throwback Posts. Can you believe it!! Throwback's already? Yes! Am I content with the content am sharing, absolutely yes. I want to write a blog I could enjoy reading as well. But am I content with it staying the way it is? No. There's always room for improvement. Room to explore and challenge myself creatively. I am totally immersing myself in that aspect. Taking pictures that are outside my comfort zone, working with different photographers and learning from them. It's quite an eye opening experience.

       So while on this journey trying to constantly improve your self, remember to take a deep breath of air, smile and be grateful for all the lessons you've learnt along the way. Take time to look back and see how much you have accomplished, look back at the periods of your life where you never gave up. The moments that brought you to where you are today.

Black and Navy used to be a no no style wise but who cares about the rules any more. I love to pair neutrals like black and navy or nude and black by layering the pieces. I mostly go for different textures that way the colors do not blend into each other. The coat pulled this whole look together by introducing the print, grid and wool texture. You can never go wrong mixing neutral prints. For those who do not like experimenting with color, neutrals on neutrals are your best bet. This is one look I am content with!

Coat: F21

Cuillotes: Zara

Top: Thrifted

Shoes: ASOS

Bag: Zara