Anne RoshieComment


Anne RoshieComment

Happy Friday!!! So I have a confession to make. I am shameless, especially when it comes to clothes that I like or accessories for that matter. I have been rocking my Indian Jones hat pretty much everywhere and that blanket coat? You would think I don't have any other coats. If I like something, I will wear it to shreds. That is my confession. The coat is warm and cozy, with a nice print to boot. Everyone is currently drowning in black on navy. The national uniform color for winter. I like to play up with prints. Keeps me from drowning in color. So if you see a nice coat, bright as the summer sun, grab it (WINTER SALE IS EVERYWHERE) that coat might be what you need to add color in your life. If you find the coat of your dreams or a hat, be shameless. Rock it as you please. 

Took these pics while in SOHO yesterday. Soho is a treasure trove for pretty much anything. Art galleries, clothing stores, chic little cafes, upscale boutiques and so much more. Every corner you turn there is a scenic locale that draws you in.

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Coat: F21

Jeans: Express

Sweater: Old Navy

Scarf: Zara

Hat: F21 

Bag: Vintage Chanel