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Anne RoshieComment

"If something doesn't fit right, rip it apart and create a slit."

I came up with this quote after under-estimating my hip measurement. Clearly, these hips don't lie. After finishing this would be shift dress and trying it on, I realized I had a situation at hand. The threads at the hip were being stretched to dimensions they couldn't imagine. My hips were uncomfortable, the side seams were wailing in agony, and this cloth worn by royals was appalled. I knew I had a storm brewing and because I did not want things to literally burst at the seams, I zeroed in on the scissors which were lying idly on the table less concerned about the on going clamor. They could have been getting a mani - pedi for all we cared. I grabbed them, aimed at the dress's hem line upwards. Wayyy up!

I could have sworn the seams breathed a sigh of relief. A sigh similar to the one's women make when taking off the bra after a lonnngg day!! The seams came together as one, the hips were happy, the royal cloth was appeased and the now smug scissors had saved the day.

I have had this Kente print fabric for some time now and as I was throwing stuff out. Have you guys caught up on my happiness project? No? Check it out...

Anyway, in between the sorting, discarding, and arranging my eyes feel upon this fabric. So vibrant, so colorful, just waiting to be created into something! Anything! So here we are, with a sleeveless shift dress with a slit, perfect for a beach day. 

The Kente print cloth was originally worn by the royals of the Ashanti Kingdom, now Ghana. It was the cloth of Kings... and Queens! It can be identified by it's bright, vibrant color, geometric prints, and bold shapes. The name Kente originates from the word kenten which means basket. The blue color in the print symbolizes harmony, peace and love. The yellow and gold symbolize royalty, wealth, fertility and beauty. Green is for health, growth and spiritual renewal. Today the print is synonymous with African cultural heritage around the world.

I will be buying some more kente fabric not to redeem myself since the scissors did that for me, but to add more Kente pieces in my closet.  Furthermore, who would not want to be associated with health, wealth, growth, beauty and so forth. I am all about these positive vibrations.

Here's to fixing mistakes, white tennis shoes this summer and positive vibrations.

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