I have never been much of a TV person. Usually, I am the one person who listens in with a semi- bored look on my face when folks are talking about a new hit show. I got bitten by the bug here and there with Scandal and Empire. For once I couldn't wait to chime in on Cookie, or the no nonsense Olivia Pope. We had watch parties for pete's Sake, with wine and little knick knacks. Well, that bug crawled back into it's hole as the second or third season started. There was a time everyone was raving about a show that had something to do with bike gangs. Then there was Breaking Bad. I was urged to stick through the extremely first boring season but my  brain can't fathom going on to Season 2. I would rather watch grass grow. 

     The Walking Dead is one of the shows that seem to have captured my attention. The same way anything with Idris Elba has my undivided attention! Luther anyone? That accent? Let me stop before I start wiping the drool of these key boards. I am a season behind with The Walking Dead. Sigh** Nothing new here! Thanks to all these streaming services, I watch shows at my own pace. Gone are the days where you would wait for season dvd's, nowadays, just netflix and chill. With your glass of wine!

   On the other hand, I love period  pieces. Love them until kingdom come.  Perhaps it's the costumes, or the way of life in another era. It might have something to do with the horses, or those freaking titles. Yes my Lord! Pardon me your Grace! 

Last week, I happened to stumble upon GAME OF THRONES! Yes, there is a lot of talk about it everywhere! I may have been the only person who wondered what was all the fuss with Jon Snow's death. GASP!!! The bug that had crawled back into it's hole came back out, with this it's family!!! I got bitten. Last week was a major GAME OF THRONES binge watching session. I am so hooked that I can't wait to call my sis Flo talk about it! The pilot episode is aptly called "Winter is coming,"   and back to present day 2016, we have had quite a long winter. I have a feeling we shall be jumping straight to summer since Spring is MIA.

Everyone is looking forward to summer! Thus when the sun decided to tease us for what's to come, figured it was a great time to bare my shoulders and get them sun-kissed after all, Summer is coming!

 Finally stowing away that winter jacket gives me soo much pleasure because there's nothing cold about these shoulders. 

Thank you for stopping by.

Jeans: Express

Top: Zara

Scarf: Street Vendor

Shoes: Aldo

Bag: Vintage Chanel