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Anne RoshieComment

Happy September!

Three months until the year is over! That thought is enough to make me wonder where in the world the year went to. Summer as we know it comes and goes faster than you can say “VMA’S”. Talking about he VMA’S apart from all the amazing performances, BEYONCE anyone! Rihanna and her VANGUARD…. Then there was Teyana Taylor’s body! Goodness!! I woke up to gazillion meme’s the next day. Teyana made you want to promise to be faithful to your gym, to love and to hold, for richer or for poor, in sickness and in health….. You get the drift.

Life being the unpredictable journey we are on, we can get sidetracked by things. Things that keep us busy, things that make us forget our purpose, our goals. It happens so slowly like a spark that if not taken care off it becomes a raging fire. We forget to enjoy the things that make us whole, the things that make us happy, things we are passionate about start becoming a chore when you get burnt out. 

I read somewhere that passion is when you put energy into something than is required to do it.  It is more than just enthusiasm or excitement. Passion is ambition materialized into action to put as much heart, body, mind, and soul into something as humanly possible.  You do it because you enjoy it! At times, you even crave it. I started thinking of how I would not go out and play with my friends because I was taken in by the characters of a novel, or how I would eternally bug my mum for a new set of paints, and just recently in my hot yoga class when I would gently roll out my mat as if a vendor displaying a bolt of luxurious silk.

It made me think of the little things I am passionate about, things that I crave. Things that I enjoy doing but I haven't carved out time for them as much as I would want to. Those things include.

1.       Write more – This writing thing started as a thing I did in high school just to pass time. Years later, I started back at it the this blog happened. I really enjoy it but I do it only when I have a post to publish but I have taken upon myself to type or jot something down daily. It could be on any subject the point is to get writing.

2.       Read more. – Yes! Yes.. I know I am already a voracious reader why would I want to read more? Here’s the thing. Social media happened. Trying to balance the time between Snapchat and Instagram is already a challenge. Do not bring up Facebook and Twitter! Goodness. With all these amazing networking tools that are deemed to make us more social but in essence has made us glued to the screens on our palms, my reading has gone down lately. That’s why the book section has not been updated of late. Welp! Hence reading more us a priority. I can’t wait to tell you what I got started on recently.

3.       Have more QT! That alone time where I can think about life and goals and my vision. Time to jot down what’s running in my head. Or even meditate. Finding time to in pencil quiet time has rather been umm difficult. I need that alone time, just to hit the reset button. Reboot my system. 

4.       Take more pictures. I run a lifestyle blog for Pete’s sake. It goes without saying that more lifestyle incorporated pictures should be at the top of my list. Furthermore, I have a camera might as well put it to good use. Talking about cameras, I have out grown my Cannon T3i which I have had since the Genesis of this blog. I have been looking into other cameras mostly Sony a6000 since it’s light and easy to use, Canon 5D Mark III but costs an arm and a leg, throw in a ribcage and some spleens while you are at it. Sigh. Then there is the Fuji XTI which is not a DSLR but will make my little vintage loving heart beat so fast you’d think I just locked eyes with Idris Elba. Do you guys have any camera you could suggest to me?

5.       More yoga. Seriously. Summer came and my hot yoga went out the window. Probably because I felt like it was too warm for hot yoga anyway. Well, the winds of winter can be felt late at night. Time to roll out the mat.

6.       Paint more! Paint, sketch, doodle all of the above. Discover my inner five year old child. The one that would sketch just about anything. I miss that girl. She was fearless, undaunted by anything and if she messed up. She just figured a different way of getting that sketch done. I am looking forward to this reunion.

That pretty much sums it up. Doing MORE of what I love.

Happy New Month and as always, thanks for stopping by.