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17 OF 2017

Anne RoshieComment
17 OF 2017

It's THREE days until the NEW YEAR is upon us.

2017 was my visuals year and I can't help but reflect on the growth. I was checking out my analytics from last year and the numbers DOUBLED up! Doubled! 

I am grateful to each and everyone of you.Thank you thank you!! 

A SPECIAL THANKS TO Jessica, Arthur, Mo, and Bryan for working with me this year. My visuals team that made it all happen. 

They are amazing humans. Check out their websites and if you are ever in New York and you need dope visuals. Hit them up. You are welcome :)

It's been fabulous!!!

Here's what I picked up when it comes to visuals.

  • Studio shoots are work. Eat, hydrate and sleep well. You want to look your best. The photos will pick up on exhaustion.You can't Photoshop that.
  • Even your bad side is a good side.
  • Be on time!!
  • Lighting is everything but so are shadows
  • Yes to collaborations
  • It's ok to reach out to other photographers and collaborate. Dallas shoot made Mo my buddy and yes Instagram hashtags come in handy.
  • Be willing to learn from each other.
  • I can stress on this enough. Communicate, communicate. Your photographer will be able to translate your idea if you talk. Not just inspo pictures. Give them a background on what you want to write about, or what you would like to execute.
  • Relax and Have fun. The world is your runway. 

Below are some of my fave post with visuals included. They are in no particular order. 

  1. MAMA AND I AND THE CITY - Loved shooting this with my darling mother
  2. FIVE- And counting. That smile tells it all
  3. DANCING QUEEN - Rocking a beautiful wrap dress that made me want to dance. Go ahead- no one is watching.
  4. MOOD - This was therapeutic. 
  5. HONEY COMB YELLOW - The Jumpsuit that I designed and wore for my girl Phil's wedding, This shoot was divine!
  6. JAN 14th 2017 - Turned Twenty nine and shared a poignant post about my grand mother. The phenomenal woman I was named after
  7. SUMMER 17 - My first fashion collaboration with Shop Tobi. 
  8. PRODUCTIVITY - A post on trying to stay focused in a constantly chattering world. How do you stay focused. 
  9. QUEENDOM - Designed an African Print gown. Shot in the said gown. Which was more like an editorial. Wrote about owning our kingdoms.
  10. ROSES IN THE BAG - Another editorial shoot with Arthur. Loved the creativity behind this.
  11. SAFARI CASUAL - A simple shift dress that I designed. This came about after watching documentaries on Africa. 
  12. WORK - These culotte pants I made were a hit. I talk about the struggles on this creative journey. ---------BONUS: Lace dress from the KWITU NYC brunch. 
  13. UPTOWN - Onwards and upwards,
  14. THE WORK - Debuted mini -abs lol and a few tips I learnt along the way. 
  15. MERRY CHRISTMAS - JOY! This shoot was pure joy with my sister Flo!
  16. WIDE LEG JUMPSUIT - Another Tobi Collaboration
  17. ICED TEA - A easy breezy summer casual look that I rocked with maasai accessories. It was the perfect exclamation mark to this look