Every now and then I will have a conversation with one of my friends regarding gifts we have within us. These gifts are known as talent and we are all born with them. Some discover their gifts at an early age, and others they discover them later in life. Most of the time, these gifts are discovered through the things we do. It could be running like Usain Bolt, playing soccer like Beckham, talking to people like Oprah, cooking your heart out like Bobby Flay, singing like Sauti sol, dancing like the kwasa kwasa dancers, or Ciara. Then there are  folks who are not so famous but they shared their gifts to us. The teacher who made you love English or Math which made you want to study journalism or Architecture.  The sunday schoolteacher who discovered you had a serious pair of lungs and could belt out notes higher than Ariana Grande’s. Your high school coach who took you under their wing, taming your wild teenage hormones by teaching you discipline and being a team member. Or the Home science teacher who encouraged you to dream of your clothes on the runway. Shoot for the stars she said. These people did not have a gallery openings to showcase their artwork or ran like Usain Bolt or created a new app, but they shared with us the best of themselves. Some gifts can not be seen or touched, however, their impact can be felt. The saying on finding the thing you love and you will never work a day in your life rings true.

        I believe we all have something in us, a gift or talent that you have had since birth. Just because you have not discovered it yet does it mean that you do not have it. Sometimes, it’s right there staring at you. You might want to paint like Picasso but your gift may be listening to people and resolving conflict. If you find it, work hard at it for the things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling..

 Every time I am wrought with doubt or think I could be able to do more or better if I had X amount of money. I remember one of  my favorite quotes.

“You lack nothing. Use what I gave you.” - God

       A few weeks ago when we took these pictures I wanted to incorporate the flowers. Arthur came up with the idea to put the roses in the backpack. Sweet! Later when the pictures came out, the story of sharing gifts formed in my head. Gifts are flowers, we are all carrying them with us. Share them with the world, inspire someone, challenge and  motivate people. Do not let the flowers in your bag die without anyone smelling the roses. William Shakespeare once said that the meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away.

Anne RoshieComment