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      Geography was one of my favorite subjects in high school. Probably because most of the time was spent daydreaming about geysers, mountains, lakes and so forth. We were made to sketch plateaus, fault lines, geysers, mountains, which was always such a treat. I would go all Picasso on my notebook. Using 3 different pens to indicate fault lines.  Mrs. Obeiro, my geography teacher  would amble in class a few minutes after class and the class would end way later than the allotted time. I believe to her time was never of the essence. She spoke in nasal tones,  her words dragging as if they were too heavy for her tongue to hold. I remember she would call my name, and it sounded as if it would never end.


Formation of rocks was typically one of those topics that would make the whole class groan in agony but I was ready to hear about volcanic rocks that had interesting names like Andasite, Basalt, Diorite and Ryolite. You would think they are characters from a season of Game of Thrones.

Hailing from the house of Battiatus.

    With my love for Geography, was a deeply rooted fascination with maps. But they do not care much for me since my sense of direction is laughable. Even with the countless apps that technology has bestowed on me I always get lost.

Have you ever been on the subway, goodness, the lines, numbers, colors, zig-zag, wavy lines, my goodness. 

 Ah, but it’s in the getting lost that has opened new discoveries for me. A cafe, a vintage store, a location for a shoot.

    I once got off the train on 59th St and told myself it would be faster if I went through Central Park. I got so lost, went round in circles, eventually I found myself on the Upper West Side. I walked up and down the streets checking out stores, discovered a jazzy Mexican restaurant, made a friend with a guy at the flower shop. I was asking too many questions and he, patiently answered them.

Nowadays, I allow myself to get lost. Living in New York is a joy, but with the helter skelter of life, I tend to overlook somethings. I get so focused in the direction of life that I am on to that I forget to stop and enjoy the view.  Those little moments that make you appreciate life.  Have you ever toured a different place in your city? Or used a different direction back home from the one that you are used to? Try it… it might be enlightening. Some refer to it as being lost in the right direction. Maps be damned.

On this shot, we got off the subway and right across the street, there was a nice little cafe with the most affable staff.


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