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Anne RoshieComment

Yesterday my buddy Shiro and I were talking about the Law of attraction over shredded chicken, black beans, plantains and mixed salad. We were having dinner at an Argentinian restaurant digesting  our meal and sharing little nuggets of wisdom we have picked along the way. Like when you put things out there in the universe, affirm and claim them,  they naturally gravitate to you. 

It reminds me Napoleon Hill's quote, “ Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. “

Shiro and I met at a house party after tilting a few cocktails and the regular small talk, we discovered we both enjoyed regular dates with gymmy.  I had just moved to New York and was looking for gym bud. The universe answered.  A week later we were in the gym throwing dumbbells on the floor and giving each other high fives

This week was a mentally challenging week for me. My go to retreat for those funky weeks  consist of sketching, music, ted talks, and reading novels but they were not working. I tend to retreat in a shell until the storm is over because energies are easily transferable and who wants to kick it with one totting about a funky cloudy one?

Anyway, I talked it out with two of my fave buddies, cried it out and had a mental get it together Ro talk and now we are back. Not every day is sunny and flowery. There are days I want to sit in bed enjoying a pint of Talenti, watch Bosch, and pretend that the world is fine when it feels like the world is burning. all around me.

I treat this blog as a happy place, there is so much negative that resolves around the world and this little platform is a ray of sunshine where you hopefully get encouraged or inspired. However, I would not be honest with myself if I do not share the struggles that are part and parcel of  my daily life. This blog is a journey, and like all journey's there are set backs, roadblocks, push backs and so much that comes along the way.  I am my worst critic, I have doubts,  at times I want to give up but it's  how I handle these struggle days  and keep on going that really matters. We grow through what we go through. 

 I read an amazing blurb that went like this, “A ship does not sink because of the water around them. A ship sinks because of the water that gets in them. Do not let what’s happening around you get inside you and weigh you down.” So beautiful!!

 We are always communicating with the universe. We give off vibrations. Good vibes will  attract feel good vibes.

I hope that this post encourages you to hang in tight especially if you are going through the motions, these storms don't last forever. It will break eventually. Be grateful and do not take anything for granted. 

Today’s look is another winner from my collaboration with This wide leg jumpsuit is the perfect look to usher in summer. It’s light, airy and hugs the curves in all the right places. Black is such a sophisticated color, you can play it up or pay it down and it still looks chic. I played it up! Way up!! :)

Dance like no one is watching, and if they are, continue dancing anyway... :)

Happy Friday!


Shoes: Steve Madden (current fave will be worn forever! lol)

Head wrap: Roshie Anne