Happy New month beautiful people!

The other day I was trying to put a glass of wine back in the cabinet however, the stem of the glass happened to be too long so putting the glass in that cabinet space would result in to breaking the glass. No need to force things.

Then a while back, I was trying on a shoe at the Steve Madden store. Usually I put on the shoes, stand up, bust a move, a mini walk, then stare at the shoes trying to figure out if  they would come home with me and join the family. I know this is ironic but if I am wearing high heeled shoes, I have to feel comfortable in them thus my little ritual in the store. Since they did not have my size  I figured I should try the smaller size. Maybe just maybe, my foot would have shrunk. Never a good idea.

After staring at the shoe for a while, I knew buying those shoes would also result in to acquiring some nasty corns and weird calluses on my toes (eeww) and no matter how gorgeous the shoes were, it would be best to let it go. My toes were mashed in there, wailing in agony. I walked away from the store,  another time perhaps when they have my size. No need to force things.

I have been thinking force lately. The energy exacted in the pushing or pulling of something. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where things are not working out. Dead - end friendships, situations that leave you feeling more awkward than my girl Isaa Rae, relationships that are not going anywhere. It’s simply a merry go round that makes you feel nauseous, light – headed, tired, and there is nothing merry about that. It’s like forcing pieces where they don’t fit.

You wonder why you are holding on to something that won’t work.So like the shoes, no matter how pretty, or gorgeous, they will hurt and damage my feet so the best thing to do is walk away. I found that walking away part hard especially from gorgeous shoes ugghh but once the decision is made. It’s final. Moral of the story, never force things to happen, allow them to happen. And if there is no space for you darling, don’t push it. Just let go and walk away.

This applies to friendships, people, hairstyles, shoes, wine glasses, yoga poses, interactions – everything. And if you are wondering if you are trying too much, squeezing that foot in a shoe like one of Cinderella’s Step-sister’s or going round and round like a child on a carousel with no direction, you are forcing it. Let it go!

And because I always sing about this ALL the time. Vibes don’t lie. J

 This casual look has been served courtesy of some iced tea.

White Jeans: Express

Boyfriend Shirt: Zara

Maasai Sandals: Giftes

Sun glasses: Ray Bans

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