I read an article the other day on New York Magazine. It was a feature they did on Gywenth Paltrow’s popular wellness blog GOOP. It’s well written piece that had me chuckling at times.

The feature spoke about GP’s life, work with the  website and this all round trend on wellness that is so popular. You can read it here.

You can’t walk a block in the city without seeing green juice, Acai bowls, athleisure, yoga mat, or even a fitness club. I love the whole thing. I a huge wellness geek as well and even have a TAB right up there that says wellness.  Mind, body and Spirit? Sign me up!!

It was the ending of this article that I found profound. The author stated that after being immersed in this wellness, reiki, orange juice that will make your skin glow like the sun, center yourself, I can see your future ..hul ha ha – just coined that word. Her trip back home was a mess, She was beyond exhausted, the zen hoopla she went through dissipated so fast.  I even felt that she enjoyed that chicken dosed with MSG as she ran to catch her flight. To her wellness is a struggle. That aspiring was a struggle. Why was wellness a struggle?

As soon as I was done reading those words I googled the first word that came to mind. Aspiration. And what popped up was a sketch of a man choking a picture that indicated pulmonary aspiration but still – choke!

It also means – The hope or ambition to achieve something. Or to Tower or Rise higher. So something more external. More outward. To be like.

Then I googled inspiration. It showed The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something. It also means – to Draw breath.

I did take a few breaths because an aha moment was happening. The wheels in my head were turning. They started spinning so fast I could have wound a few spools of thread. It even brought me to my purpose for this blog that has always been the – say mission statement on my About page.

 I remember there was a period in my life where I wanted to lose weight to badly. I would find someone I aspired to look like then try and follow there regimen. Google the shit out of them with so much effort. A couple of weeks later I would just be plain exhausted and back to my good ol habits. What a struggle! I feel we live in a time that with so much info, images, constant over stimulation of just about anything, it’s no wonder things feel like such a struggle.

My favorite Philly cheese take joint guys by my place in Baltimore would welcome me in open arms wondering if I had taken a vacation or something.

The “ How’s you new diet coming along?” questions would be frowned upon. I would quickly reply it’s gone. Gone and never coming back.

I use weight because that was a struggle for me for the longest time. Nowadays, I have a people I follow on Instagram with amazing workouts, and food tips. I have my Fit Fam on whatsapp. We all have different goals, different body types, but we constantly strive to lead a healthy well rounded life. Inspiration on inspiration.

With aspiration the target will always be moving. Then I will always be striving to rise to, be like, look like attain more like….  Pretty much Choke!

When I started looking for people to inspire me, it made achieving the goal of shedding the weight easier. I did not want to look like them, I wanted to be motivated by them to be the best version of myself.  

As a lover of writing and sharing stories, my hope is that these words, this blog, is of inspiration. To make you live your best life. Interestingly, I too, get inspired coming on here. To create, to share, to be who I am unapologetic ally, to embrace the quirks and flaws that make me, me.

Here’s to being inspired to be the best version of YOU.


Draped in this Orange Bronze number that is as thin as tissue. It lacked hanger appeal but the color was to divine to pass. After I wore it, Orange Bronze might be my new favorite color. Someone is starting to lean heavy on this earthy colors. Wonder where it will lead?

Dress & Heels: Zara

Earrings: Aldo

Bag: Gifted