Anne RoshieComment


Anne RoshieComment

Pardon me while I dust this little corner of mine on the web. I took some time off that was much needed and deserved. I had zero space for anything.

For those who do not know, I lost my darling brother Kimnation (KIM) Thirteen days after my last post on the JORD watch. He passed away April 26th. Every time I get on here to write  something, I look at those dates and get shaken. I am reminded how short life is. He was my bestie, my cheerleader, my book buddy, the list is endless.

I found it hard to sit and jot on this space which he also contributed to. I have never experienced death this close to home and my brother's passing shook me to the core!

I will be paying a tribute to him in the coming days and share some of the images he took of me in the earlier days of Anneconventional. He was always ready to pick up the camera at any time to shot with me. I miss him soooo sooo much. I miss his voice, his energy, his deep thoughtful conversations, his laugh. He was such a joy to be around.

His death is something I’m still grappling with! Even writing about it seems surreal.

A month ago when decided to link up with Jess - my dope photographer - I remember having no energy to sit and smile before the camera. So I told we should go have breakfast and chat about the blog's creative direction and just our lives.

The second time we linked up we took these photos. We took them during the golden hour. For photographers this is the ideal time to take pictures. Right before sunset or just about sunrise. The sun casts a golden hue which is divine. I needed to feel the sun on me. To feel it's rays caressing my skin. As for the smile, I can't say that is something that was entirely forced. The sun makes me smile. It gives me life and also reminds me that the sun will always rise, even on what might feel like your darkest day.  

Summer 18 is upon us. With a new season, comes new changes.  I want to share with you something I read a few days ago.

This summer, don't worry about the things you would be worrying about. Never turn down a chance to swim or lay at the beach. Listen to music. Make it loud. Watch sunsets more than TV. Stop worrying about someone ignoring your texts, they don't matter right now. Don't care about what people say or think. Ignore it. Eat well. Dance to the song in your head. Be with friends that matter most. Laugh until your stomach hurts. Do something unpredictable or something you normally wouldn't. Stay up all night. Sleep in. Do whatever the hell you want (within legal limits) because it's summer. And summer is meant for fun. Take risks or you will lose a chance. Because sooner or later, summer will come to an end. Don't end your summer with regrets.

Make the most of it. Live!! SUMMER 18

So happy to be back :)