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Flats!!! Yes!!! 

They are making a major come back!! Not that they really left, but for some reason it's like we have discovered them all over again. I love flats, I know I don't post looks with me IN them a lot, but it is because I love heels MORE. Plain and simple. It's all about FLATS today. They have earned it.

Flats are the new normal, well, more like new "cinderella". Cinderella after she found the prince and lived happily ever after. Think about it. Where do you put your flats in the closet? Are they with your gorgeous heels on display for the entire world to see? Am guessing in the darkest corner of your closet. You probably have to use a flash light to find them because the flourecent lamps in your room refuses to shine light there!! Well, I think some good ol fairy God mother called Normcore came and exhaulted flats to some higher status.

Flats don't have to compete with heels anymore because they are getting more airtime that IGGY'S "FANCY" song. They have become the most coveted pair of shoe. Designers having models walk down the runway in feminine brogues and sneakers. Countless blog posts from my fave writers talking about flats and sneakers. Street style blogs on a roollllll with comfy good ol flats and sandals. "The invasion of flats." is an article I read on T Magazine, stating how flats have been liberated from the sterotype of being practical, because you can still look chic and polished in a pencil skirt and a pretty pair of brogues.

Am happy for the flats, they are having a HUGE moment right now. I love a high-heel. They make me feel sexy and fierce! Gives me an extra strut in my walk. Elongates my 5'4 frame to model status, and who wouldn't want that? They are beautiful to look at. Makes the derrier look good, no, amazing! Did I say sexy? I did... OK.

Victoria Beckham, mother, designer, fashion icon and Queen of all high heels once said, 

"I can't concentrate in flats."

That quote always cracks me up. For me, it's not that serious, even though it's only a few inches up, I do come down to earth but I think the view up there is way better.

Flats or heels, I think it's a personal choice. I love a good pair of toms or ballets when running errands and such. Am yet to be converted fully. 

What do you think?