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I love love to create things. I am extremely glad I have this platform to put up any creative or artistic vision. I put up this part of the blog because I love words. I love reading them, I love writing them, I love how they inspire, encourage, mould, educate or even make you yearn for that which is unknown. This my dear friend is my eternal affair with words. I love watching these characters come to life and paint a picture, a picture that you read in form of a story.  I have so many stories. They come alive in words, so  I will be sharing a few of those in the near future. Please share your thoughts and comments... Thanks guys xx


      It’s howling outside as I sit down to type this words on my computer. The wind rustles, then moans as it passes through, loud, and soulful like the turbofan of a boeing 767. The wind, like my thoughts are churning over and over like processed gelato.  I have this need  to put down my thoughts on paper because I have been watching her for two months now. It started out as casual thing, the way one would look out the window lost in thought, or the way one would casually bite their nails, or that first nicotine inhalation. That first puff, it was everything. Something opened up in my lungs. world felt good, and I was good with the world. It became a habit.  I read somewhere it takes 21 days to build a habit, later on, a researcher somewhere discovered that it actually takes 66 days. I must have seen that on twitter while waiting for the bus to go home.

   I was chowing down my hastily microwaved left-overs when something must have made me look out my window. I can not tell you what it was exactly. It might have been the resplendent glow of her skin, a glow obtained from hours  spent moving in the boxes, or the hot summer weather.  I couldn’t see her face from where I stood, but I knew she was a beauty. Not the usual one magazine editors like to shove on our faces every month on their glossy spreads. No. This was a beauty whose flaws would be quite prominent, like a crooked tooth, or a slanted smile. A flaw that would stand out on it’s own. A beautiful flaw.

    I turned away and stared at my room. then looked out again. She was on the opposite building, a floor below mine, giving me an acute birds eye view directly to her room. Three guys were helping her move things around. She must have said something to the guys because they all burst out into laughter. She beamed at them the way someone does when they laugh at your joke. I wanted to be part of that. Lately, there hasn't been  any laughter in my life. It was a routine, staid life. Boring and complacent. A life I had resigned myself too. I felt something akin to jealousy. Looking at people with grins on their faces. I wanted in.

   For the past couple of months, I have watched her talk, bite her nails, look out the window in a daze, squint at her computer screen. May be she needs glasses, all that squinting isn't healthy. I have seen her eat too, on her bed mostly. Lying down on her belly kicking her feet in the air while checking her phone. I wonder what she looks at. Is it her instagram or a funny video on youtube? I heard Snapchat is the business nowadays. It must be snapchat. The white light from her phone illuminating her face. I have watched her undress. Countless times, and before you start shaking your head and calling me names, I will honestly say that I am not a pervert. My mother raised me well. That she did.  I do turn my head away briefly, to give her the privacy she would deserves. Ironical right?  Privacy she deserves? Laughable, but as I said, I can't stop watching her.

I can tell you her favorite tshirt. It’s black in color, with a deep v, probably from HM mens. An old boyfriend's tee, or maybe she loves shopping at the men’s department. Definitely an old boyfriend, she seems to be the one to hold on to shirts. There might be a sentimental value to that. She wears the T with boy shorts . Those cute little shorts. I bless the man who invented those shorts and on behalf of all men, I say thank you. It was very cheeky of him. She likes to read alot. Books and magazines are always strewn on her bed like lazy cats waiting for their turn to be petted. And she does, read them I mean. Sometimes she would be on the phone, laughing, talking, very animated. Every emotion would be expressed on her face. A human emoji. I bet she wouldn't last the first round at a card’s table. She didn't know what a poker face was.  It’s amazing how much you can learn from a person by observing them. 

       Today was just another ordinary day. One of those days that would have faded into the sky, unmarked, swallowed without a trace along with the rest. But it as fate would have it, I met her this afternoon. This alone is enough to put an X on today’s date, a day that I will remember fo all eternity. She was in her gym clothes flipping through her phone then she glanced up. We looked at each other, for a long strange moment, actually, like two animals meeting at twilight. Then she smiled. Lord that smile. It was as infectious as cholera….


He has been watching me yet again……