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Anne RoshieComment

   This year has just been a whirlwind of so many things going on simultaneously. Some how what was going on affected the other. Such is life. You get tried and tested but eventually you come out having learnt so much. With learning there's growth, and that is the nature of things. OH! The site got another makeover. I had the site redone, then had an issue with it last week and I decided to pull the plug. I had it redone AGAIN!! Sometimes you have to be cutthroat. No regrets. So we are back to Squarespace who I like to call my old boyfriend. We had issues but we have kinda resolved them so here we are. New site! New layout! I will tell you about this whole move back to boo. It’s kinda hilarious.

I have been dropping hints on my facebook page and Instagram. Gosh! I am getting goose bumps typing this out because it all seems so surreal. If that picture I grabbed from Pintrest just puts it all out there.

 I am moving to NEW YORK CITY!!

 Shuuutt the front dooorr!!!

Yes I am.

This weekend to be exact.

It’s been a long time coming. Everything I have done so far has been a build up to this moment. Ever since I was a little girl I have always had the dream that I would live and work in New York City. The bright lights, the energy, the people, I can't pin point one particular thing. Thinking about it gives me that headrush, as if I have sipped a slushy and it’s made  brain freeze.

     I locked down a place last month. An address, in the city!

New episodes of Roshie and the city coming soon!! (Kidding)

My landlord had to make a decision between me and one other girl. The other girl, let's call her contender had broken up with the boyfriend and was looking for a place. Then there was lil old me doing the big move. The spot I found is just everything, I liked it the minute I walked in and was already thinking of furniture placement.The lighting is perfect because no one wants to live in a cave and quite spacious not the store room like rooms I had been seeing on ads. Rooms and apartments in New York  don’t stay open for long. They come and go faster than Usain Bolt. 

 In my head I was battling it out with the other girl. We were both in the ring and the winner would get the spot. My charm offensive had been at the forefront and now I was just waiting for the outcome. My landlord mentioned he would be in touch with me once he made his decision. Oh my nerves!! I had to get this place or else I would be starting from square one. Looking for places to stay is as boring as a plank or watching grass grow. 

    Mr. Landlord did call one sunny thursday afternoon but I had been occupied so I missed the call. He texted me that he had left a voice message. I stared at my phone like it was the bearer of bad news.  Taking a deep breath I hit play on the voice message. Oh! He was just saying that he was getting on the subway he would call me when he got off. Phew!

By now the knots in my stomach were tightening. My temperature could have shoot up the mercury. I told myself to calm down. In between my frazzled mess,  I apparently butt-dialed the Landlord. Oh Lordy!! So I left a high-pitched voicemail stating that I had heard his message and I could NOT wait to hear from him.

The volume on my phone was turned up fully all I had to do now was wait. Oh the waiting!

I tend to think I have the patience of job. This was one time where I just needed to hear what the decision was. Job had checked out three days before. I paced checking my phone every 2.3seconds. My mum smiled at me(I have her as my screen saver), we got this Roshie dear is what she seemed to say.

     Finally my phone lights up, mama is smiling, and Adele’s belts out how she will set fire to the rain. I freeze. I stand up but the nerves in my stomach won’t let me, then I sit down. I clear my throat then pick it up.

Hello, I say my  voice oozing with honey.

At the back of my mind my conscience is saying, breath, keep calm, breath, keep calm.

“Roshie, how are you?”

“Great!” I squeak

“So I have made a decision and….”

I am mentally throwing punches at the other contender. Jab. Hook. Uppercut!! I am going for a knock out!

   Then the Land Lord goes ahead telling me how he came about his decision. Enough already. Get to the point. The nerves in my stomach are a having a full blown party. The Dj has turned up the music. I hold my tummy slightly, listening to Mr. Landlord gently tell me what he thought and so forth. My tummy growls my nerves version of Turn down for what!! Gah!!!

 Ever seen American Idol how when someone sings oh so beautifully then has to listen to what the judges have to say. They go ahead and get two yeses from the judges, then the poor person looks at the next judge with puppy eyes. The judge is Simon Cowell sitting on his throne of judgment, wearing a hostile stare and tapping a pen on the desk. He always takes his time before saying YES.

Mr Landlord mentions my name and I break out of my reverie. He says something then...

I have decided to go with you.

I freeze.



 I choose you!!

I woop out in joy.

The search has ended

Mentally I have sucker-punched the other contender. She has fallen. It’s a knock out!!! The ref is holding up my arm. I am beaming like the sun. Radiant. If this was American Idol, I would have hugged the judges grabbed the yellow paper and flown to the door to scream and hug my family. Oh and that guy Ryan.

I am beyond thrilled.

The landlord can tell because I can hear him laughing. He is a very nice chap by the way. I can’t wait to tell my mother!!!! Call my family. Goodness! This is surreal. I get myself together while I listen to what he may need me to send over to lock down the place.

I hang up! I just stand there in a daze. Then hot tears start streaming down my face. I close my eyes and say a prayer of thanks. The tears have become water works. I start laughing then  call my mother whose in the car with my sister (mummy was visiting us at the time). Flo puts me on audio and I am trying to relay the whole story in between taking huge gulps of air. I can’t keep calm. They scream. They are happy for me. I am still in a daze of some sorts.

That was last month but it feels like yesterday and it still hasn’t sunk in. May be it will, the morning I wake up in New York, wondering what I should have for breakfast. I don’t know. For now, I am living in the moment.

The beauty of having dreams is seeing them come true. Making them a reality. It has taken a lot of sweat, prayers, tears, patience and persistence. The move is a huge deal for me because it’s a transition to another phase of my life. Change is good and I know the journey doesn’t stop here. Nope! It will have its ups and downs. It’s natural. It is in the adversity that one becomes even better, stronger, and greater. I am literally counting days now and as I finish up packing my stuff to embark on this journey a quote by Napoleon Hill comes to my head. He said whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. I am looking forward to sharing this journey with you.

Nothing is impossible.

Thanks for stopping by.