Photo by John Manno from Vanity Fair

Photo by John Manno from Vanity Fair

I started reading books that have won the Pulitzer Prize over the past several years. The Goldfinch was on my radar having won the Pulitzer in 2014. When I started reading this book (last year) I thought I would be done in no time however, I found myself savoring it like teenage old whisky. The story telling is beautiful, Tartt draws you in the story with her vivid description that making you feel as if you are right there. Drawn in.

I took my time reading it because 700 hundred pages is no joke.

Apparently, this book was written in a span of 12 plus years or so. The characters are many but the story revolves around the life of 13 year old Theo Decker who life takes a turn after a bombing at the Met where his mum passes away. The turn of events takes us from New York to Vegas and Back to New York then somewhere in Europe. It’s a ride, an epic one that involves suspense, drama, and beautiful prose – you just have to be committed to it.

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