Courtesy of Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon

Once a year, or probably twice. I read books that talk about life and something we know that will happen to all of us eventually. Death!

I was drawn to this book early this year. The book is about a neurosurgeon who finds out he has stage IV Lung cancer.  He is only thirty six. He decided to write this book as a memoir while facing death. His words are powerful! It will make you think about the meaning of your life. Of the uncertainty of everything and how you should embrace the moments you have now, today and cherish them with  your loved ones.

I cried. A lot! Pondered on some words, read a passage a number of times to get his point.

Favorite line in the book  – If the unexamined life in not worth living, was the unlived life worth examining?

He died while writing this book. The epilogue, written by his wife will move you to tears. This book is touching, heartbreaking, and powerful. I highly recommend it.

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