I just finished reading this book. It is rich in everything. I am a sucker for prose, beautiful prose and this book nails it! This is  my first read from Zadie and I can officially tell you that I am a fan. I am looking forward to WHITE TEETH as my next read from her.

This story flips back and forth between present day and the past. It’s about black girls who grew up together in England. They were brought together through dance. Zadie then weaves a tale of how their lives were interwoven as they grew into maturity. It’s a tale about complicated friendship, race, color, dance, culture celebrity and capitalism. It touches on a lot of themes.

At times I found myself caught up in the story and being twisted in another world as the narrator flipped back and forth. It’s in her writing that you get drawn in. Her prose is impeccable. I found myself empathizing with the narrator as her friendship with her friend got complicated over the years.

It’s definitely a must read. It’s a long one. Grab it on a long flight or on vacation. A book that should be savored.

PS:I have started borrowing my books from the New York Public Library and I am one happy camper. My Mission this year is to up my reading game which slowed down last year. Will update this section more often this year. Look out for more reviews!! :)

Photo Courtesy of Amazon 

Photo Courtesy of Amazon 

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