First post of the year and I jump straight into wellness. I think it is rather appropriate to jump right into; it’s the beginning of the year any way. Resolutions and all right? Wrong..  Being healthy is not something you should think about just because it’s the beginning of the year it should be part and parcel of your life.

That’s not always the case. I, too succumb to the no motivation phase where any mention of the gym puts me in a funk. My taste buds seem to crave everything extremely sweet, or dipped in cooking oil. Yikes!!!

A moment on the lips a lifetime on the hips, or belly, or underarms, or thighs… handles? Ugghh what’s to love about those handles?

"Ring the alarm!!! I’ll be damned if I see another flab on my waist!!!!" (Beyonce scream)

Eventually my relationship with the gym resumes.  I started calling the gym Gymmy. Every time I say am meeting up with gymmy, sounds like am going on a date.  And just like any other relationship; we have to make it work. Communication for gymmy and I is sweating it out on the treadmill or throwing dumbbells around for our dates. Preferably, at least 3 times a week. Buuuttttt like every relationship has it’s ups and down and I personally have to make it work.

Last year was a good year for me. It was actually the first year I was committed to the gym. At the moment, am in Kenya on vacation and to be totally honest, I miss walking in the gym for my workouts. Goodness!! I really can’t wait to get back to it.

Since am on this honest bus, I will let you know that I’m not with gymmy to get ripped but to stay healthy. My family has had a lot of health issues over the years and I take this matter close to my heart. It’s so easy to let yourself go but trying to get back to where you were is always the hardest. The best part about getting back on track is that you can easily do it by just STARTING. Yes! No need to set dates, or mark calendars, just start. I always try to get a gym bud, or someone who is also on that working out train, that extra motivation comes in handy. Oh! Aand lately I have been getting fitspiration from following some fitness folks on Instagram.

Last year I promised to get myself Beats by Dre, if I lost 10-15 pounds. Well, we wrapped up the year and I was 8lbs from my goal (I’m afraid I might have gained a little bit more on this vacay, yikes!!)

Soooo I am hoping to get back on track, and hopefully get my Beats while am at it. Am on the journey down to 15lbs. I should probably post what I’m eating now and then because 80% of the staying healthy involves the diet. Eating clean in order to see the results, the other 30% is gymmy dates, or working out at home. Be sure to follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for instant updates.

Let me know if you want to join me on this journey, we can encourage each other!!! 

Photo Cred: Kimnation

Photo Cred: Kimnation

On a side note, my brother Kim took these pictures sometime last year, figured I should use them for this post. Here's to staying healthy and hopefully I will have the same huge smile when am down 15lbs. 

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