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Anne RoshieComment

I posted this pic on my social sites after a workout this week. I was seeing a little progress which made me very happy. However, it did not come easy. What was going on in my head when I initially started this year vs the reality was a different thing all together. I saw a post about it on COSMO and decided to do one adapted from it.

Still...I do not regret that pint of Talenti I ate in one sitting. lol

1. Expectation: You get up at 6 a.m. so you can get to the gym before work.

Reality: Why is your alarm going off? What is that noise? Snooze.

2. Expectation: You walk over to your dresser and pull out fresh yoga pants and an adorable workout top.

Reality: You pick up some Dumpster clothes on the floor that could pass for a workout outfit, plus a ratty sports bra you've had since the first George W. Bush term.

3. Expectation: You have watched IG videos. Your form lifting the weights is video worthy.

Reality: You feel uncoordinated. It is not going exactly as you planned.

4. Expectation: You go to the gym at a weird hour on purpose and are rewarded with empty machines.

Reality: You go to the gym at the same time that everybody on the planet and their mothers and all the machines are taken.

5. Expectation: You'll do Insanity or P90X instead.

Reality: The cd’s are so scratched and have been collecting dust since the 2008 recession.

6. Expectation: On the weekends you take advantage of the nice weather to go for a run outside and all the guys in the park check you out.

Reality: You run and everything wiggles.

7. Expectation: Your amazing "Dj Shinski “ mix makes the time on the treadmill fly by.

Reality: You left your headphones at home.

8. Expectation: Jan 1st. I will be bikini ready this summer.

Reality: July 21st. Summer comes knocking. What is a bikini?

9. Expectation: Once you decide to work out three days a week, you stick to the plan.

Reality: You never go to the gym. You train your eyes on the TV instead.

10. Expectation: You treat yourself with a green smoothie after your workout.

Reality: You down a whole pint of Talenti because you deserve it.

11. Expectation: After a few workouts, you'll have washboard abs. Take selfies to prove it.

Reality: After a few workouts, you'll be in such intense pain that even squatting on your way to sit on the toilet is excruciating. And your core is looking at you like bruh!!

Do you have expecations vs reality wellness stories? Share them with me...