If you could have asked the then ten year old Roshie if she could wear a dress over pink sweater, you would have probably been stared at……in utter distaste. Dresses??

I was more concerned with scaling up walls like spiderman and running around barefoot, dresses were reserved for Sunday school. I remember this particular sunday afternoon, visiting my grandmother’s and ruining my favorite Sunday dress by climbing up a guava tree. I had assumed a particular branch could hold my weight but what resulted was an affirmation to Newton's law of gravity. The dress was hideously ripped by a branch that even my mother’s perfect stitches would not have saved it!

Flash back to the present day and I am all about dresses and skirts. Pants are occasionally thrown here and there. Whatever happened to me?? LOL

I am wearing a chestnut brown dress over a pink sweater, and I know somewhere, mum is very proud. It’ s Breast Cancer awareness month, hence the pink sweater. I decided to layer it over the long-sleeved pleated dress then added a subtle hint of a print with the shoes. You can rock this look anywhere, just not up a tree!! :)

Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by.