One of the many reasons I love fall is that the weather is close to perfect. Should I mention the rusty hues, soft breeze, and…. I could go on for days. The color blue is a favorite of mine, but red sits smugly at the top.  

       For today’s look, I went for a printy-doll dress. I seem to be drawn to them like steel on magnet whenever I see one hanging on a rack. Check out a previous post that I did with a similar dress, here. They are light, flowy, and those tiny little prints just add a merry fun aspect to the dress. The hue blue and orange compliment each other very well, making the bag and shoes superb accessories for the look.

hue blue.jpg

   The fun and merry I mentioned earlier is potrayed on this picture, more like goofing around! I was trying to see how long I could stand on one leg, on a precarious piece of wood that was ready to take me down with it. Notice how  close to the edge I am. LOL!!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.