The beauty of living in the East Coast is to experience the four seasons fully. To sneeze through spring while admiring how everything is coming to life, Spring blossoms anyone?  To stash away our coats and soak in the summer sun. To watch the leaves change their color, soft breezes, then…. like an unexpected guest who then proceeds to camp in your house for months, winter creeps in. I can already feel it in the wind, the distinct chill. It makes you want to stay indoors, with a hot mug of  hot chocolate, and watch SCANDAL reruns. Ahh the beauty of life.

     I fell in love with my huge grey cardigan on site. Talking about SCANDAL, my sister, Flo mentioned it was somewhat Olivia Pope inspired. Well, why not? We are huge fans of the show and are always intruiged with Olivia Pope’s sense of style.

Is it thursday yet?

For today's look, I paired the grey cardi with a pink sheath dress similar to this one, and gorgeous black heels. The cardi is bound to make rounds this season thats for sure. Happy Monday guys.

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