Happy Wednesday!!!

      Keziah and I were running errands in the county and we spotted this beautiful barn on someone’s property. We decide to drive in the property and sneak in some pictures. There was a chance we might get kicked out but……we decided to seize the day!!! LOL

We spotted an elderly gentleman walking about the field and Keziah proceeded to ask him if its ok to take pictures of his barn, permission was granted!!!

      We were so excited about this barn! It had shovels, bales of hay, wheelbarrows, and not forgetting the wagon. A few cows and goats would have given us an idyllic country backdrop. The true definition of country meets city. After taking the pictures, we went back to say thanks to the kind gentleman whose name is Mr. John Roberts. We shared some of the pictures that Kez had taken and according to him, his family used the wagon back in 1918; it was their main source of transportation. He hails from a family of farmers and after chatting for a few minutes, we drove off with some history on his life and garnered an invite back to take more pictures!!

For every post, there is always a story behind it, some are too hilarious, and others just  down right embarrassing. I tend to meet some fascinating people during some of these posts and there’s never a dull moment behind the scenes.

Am rocking a very comfortable casual look today pairing my favorite jeans with a printed sweater. I then threw in a coat and for some pop of color, the orange suede heels.

Enjoy the rest of your day and thanks for stopping by. :)