Am always captivated by how men and women dressed years ago. The history of fashion is such a fascinating topic to me. My mother’s glorious pictures of the past will forever be a source of inspiration. Mid-length skirts, blazers over the shoulders, dresses cinched with delicate belts, sophisticated accessories, I can go on for days. Mum, if you are reading this, thank you and Love you loads!!

I put this look together over the weekend with my dear mother in mind.

      Am wearing a beautiful pleated skirt from a vintage store here in Baltimore. I was drawn to it instantly due to the silk fabric and it’s gorgeous drape. The neon accessories just pulled everything together. 


My sandal strap felt a little bit loose. I told my brother to hold on so I can fix the strap but he just clicked away. The cheesy grin tells it all!


Thanks for stopping guys and have a great week!!