On the August's issue of Harpers Bazaar, I read a beautiful article on personal style. It resonated with me and I decided to share with you just a small excerpt.

"For years, women who loved fashion dressed relatively the same, presenting a sort of united style front. If Christian Dior's New look was in, you wore it. Those slim, curve-hiding shifts in the 60's? Every woman wore one, whether or not it suited her. That now has changed. Personal stye isn't what it used to be. With the internet and the flourishing of street-style blogs has come a dizzying liberation that has enabled us to think about our clothes as a bona fide expression of personality."

 (Lisa Armstrong-Fashion Editor of The Daily Telegraph UK)

Couldn't have said it better.  I love seeing women of different shapes and sizes define their personal style by what they wear. No rules, just you embracing what you like. As for me, I rolled up my sleeves and soaked in the summer sun in a sorbet green shirt and a tweedy skirt, then paired the look with gorgeous red sandals for Zara. 


 "Hey am taking pictures for the blog, call you right back!"  Sounds like something I've said before. :)

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