Another year has gone by!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, 2ND YEAR ANNEVARSARY!!

Anneconventional just keeps on keeping on!! I am beyond thrilled!!!

At the end of my posts I always end by saying thank you, to you my reader. Knowing that someone’s out there being inspired, checking out my videos, thanks to or cracking up at some of my experiences fills me with joy. This year has not been as seamless as I thought it would be but that’s life. Things are bound to be unpredictable. Despite the uncertainty, today I will celebrate turning two.

In celebration of year two, I wanted to grab a nice double chocolate chip muffin from Whole foods and call it a day. Then I remembered my commitment to eating errrr better, plus being a bridesmaid in my cousins’ wedding, which is in a few months, put things into perspective. I found myself looking at flowers* and figured, I can’t eat those, right? They would look better on my nightstand. As I was waiting for someone to come and help me figure out what to pick and such, out came a petite lady and the first thing she asked was,

“Is that a kitenge print dress?”

Why yes it is, I replied. She went on ahead and told me she had lived in Zambia for a couple of years working in the Peace Corps. That’s how she had identified it. I told her she had given me a title for my new post then she went further did a pretty job arranging the tulips and hydrangeas for my mini celebration. She even added a ribbon! I figured might as well use them as accessories. Thank you Susanah!!

Oh yes! I know there’s the huge change that I haven’t talked about yet. I decided to cut all my hair. All of it! The last time I did this was probably five years ago. My family and friends have seen me with this look before so it does not come as a surprise. I just have to get through the first day of exclamations.

I remember vividly walking into JR’s barbershop and telling him, I want to have my hair cut.My friend Q was with me at the time, she did'nt want to miss the experience. JR got everything set up and with no time I was on that chair, ready for my haircut. Q had grabbed her phone ready to record the on goings.

It was surreal at first and unknowingly, JR had swiveled the chair around from the mirror so I couldn’t see what he was doing. All I heard was the buzzing of the razor on my head. It sounded like a swarm of bees. Q and another gent were sitting on the chairs by the wall seeing my bald do come to life, while I calmly sat down as clumps of hair fell down on the black neocape awaiting for the big reveal. When JR was done, he swiveled the chair back and TADAAAHH!! My head felt light as a feather considering the massive braids I had previously. I touched my head in awe and broke out into a huge grin. Perfect! 

When JR mentioned it was twelve dollars for the service. Q almost fell out of her chair, and all I could do was gape! WOW! Super Perfect!

Photo Cred: Kimnation

Photo Cred: Kimnation

For today’s look I wore a kitenge print dress, with cut-outs on the sides, high-heeled sandals and navy coat. You should have seen the look on my face when I grabbed the coat as an after thought. It’s raining already and temperatures are dropping faster than a ball thrown up in the air. Goodness!!

This journey has been awesome so far, and am discovering so much along the way like, it's not about waiting for extraordinary opportunities. It’s being able to seize common occasions and making them extraordinary. So thank you my dear reader, for walking with me this two years, and as the journey continues, I trust you will stick along for the ride. Great things are on the way.

Have a great day.