For a self-proclaimed lover of prints, I surprise my self when I can put an outfit together that has zero prints. Seriously? Yes, seriously. I allow myself to get away with it if the look involves three different colors. Sometimes I think my life without prints is very close to wearing all black.  Black is like the top shelf of colors, but the one I rarely go for. That line Jay-Z quips on wearing black a whole year straight! Well, good on ya mate!

I couldn’t come close to pulling it through. I once had a job working at ULTA, the beauty department store; they had us wearing all black and a splash of white here and there. I went out of my way to accessorize with the brightest brooches and earrings ever known to man.

Photo Cred: Kimnation

Photo Cred: Kimnation

For today’s look, I went all out on the faux. My brother and I took these pictures over the weekend. The weather was divine. I paired my skirt with a grey crop top, threw on a faux leather because this weather is starting to get to a point where at night, a sister needs to be warm. For accessories, vintage Chanel, a nice floppy hat and red heels.

TOMORROW is a big day for Anneconventional. Can anyone guess what it is? :)