Helloooo everybody!!!

 Am in such a joyful mood today. Must be the weather..

 Anyway, it is Thanks giving and apart from getting ready to feast on some turkey, mashed potatoes, greens, stuffing….and so much more. I'm taking this moment to be grateful. For my family who loves me beyond measure and are ok with unconventional ways. For friends who are always there for me through the good times and the bad. Now those, those are the ones you keep really close. They are members of my family as well. For you my dear reader, who has been reading my posts from day one, or found a link along the way and decided to click on it. Thank you. I am also grateful for the gift of life, ever wondered how many people wanted to see this beautiful day and they didn’t? You have. Make it count.

Every time I get on social media or turn on the news channel on Tv, I get bitter, heated, or angry. Sometimes I am dumbstruck at the avalanche of negative news coming straight at me. I start wondering what is happening to our society. Have we lost our humanity?

I once saw a quote that said something along these lines, “Humanity is the keystone that holds nations and men together. When that collapses, the whole structure crumbles.”

To be honest I can give a dissertation on humanity but I believe I will be left with more questions than answers? I choose not to dwell on it today. I choose to dwell on the positive. The great things in life that make it worth living to see another day. The awesome things in life that will forever be cherished.

Hear me out. The most amazing thing with gratitude is that no one will ever tell you it is enough. People love feeling appreciated. It goes along way. Be it the waiter who refilled your glass of water at the restuarant, the guy who held the door open for you, the woman who told you politely that the dry flat tag on your shirt collar was peeking, the teenage boy bagging your groceries at Whole foods, or the gentleman that held the elevator doors for you. Saying thank you goes a long way. Dish it out. It’s not a jar of milk, it won’t run out.

With Thanksgiving celebration marks the beginning of the festive season. A season to be joyful and as that song goes it’s the most wonderful time of the year. May this celebration give us much more to be thankful for.

Photo Cred: Kimnation

Photo Cred: Kimnation

Gold and nude was my color palette today. Gold is always festive, and since I'm  in such a festive mood, my vintage skirt with gold prints will do. Paired it with a nude furry sweater and nude high heeled sandals.

As always thank you for stopping by. 

Happy Thanksgiving my friends