I told myself not to talk about the weather at all, but it’s inevitable because what one wears is pretty much determined by the weather. If it rains, you know, a trench coat and an umbrella comes in handy. If it's a hot summer day, a dress or top that’s light and flowy is highly recommended, you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a Ski suit unless you are mad! If it's a cold winter day, an Eskimo like ensemble is a must. Those are my most dreaded days. Bundling up to stay warm. The past week or so we've been having an arctic blast all through the country. It's the kind of blast that makes you wish you could take a vacation to a tropical island. ASAP!!


It was soo cold it felt like we were in the middle of winter and its only fall. The thought of winter just makes me cringe.

Well, today the sun is out. It’s almost 72 degrees. Let’s throw a party!!!!

Am serious!!! Ok... I guess I'm a little excited.

I love earth colors but brown is usually a color that gets the back seat in my wardrobe. Today, I decided to show it love. I paired pieces with a little brown here and there then added the burgundy hat to add that pop of color.

Photo Cred: Kimnation

Photo Cred: Kimnation

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