Change. Sometimes it is hard to welcome change with open arms, especially when you are so comfortable with how things are.  In my case, I embraced a different kind of change.

 And got my hair braided!!! I have'nt braided my hair in five years!! Woah!!! 

 I made up my mind, called in for my hair appointment and here we are!!

It’s been 2 weeks since my last outfit post so lets do a little catching up. After my trip from Oklahoma, I came back home to run the Fredrick half marathon which am happy to say I completed it. A good 13.1 miles!!! It’s the third half marathon I have ever done. I did the first two in 2012. I started running with an amazing group of ladies who wanted to get fit, later we wanted to run with a purpose so we founded a foundation called Hope for Fistula. Our mission is to eradicate Obsteric Fistula in Kenya and hopefully across Africa. This condition occurs as a result of complications during childbirth and affects thousands of women in Sub-Saharan Africa. For more details on this wonderful organization please check out and also on facebook @hopeforfistulafoundation.

  The following weekend of May 10th, I did the Warrior Dash on a rainy Saturday morning. Warrior Dash is a race where you  get to run 3 miles on a muddy terrain and that’s not it, you have to go over military like obstacles!!  Think shuffling under barbed wires on a muddy pit, pulling yourself up on a rope as you maneuver a steep slope, crawling through tunnels, and other grueling obstacles. All in all, my friends and I finished the race and had so much fun doing it. The music was great, the crowd was hype, the Dj had us dancing to dancehall at the after race party covered in mud without a care in the world.

 I always use the mantra if you look good, you feel good and if you feel good, you definitely look good. Staying fit and healthy is fundamental to me. The best part is I get thrilled knowing I challenged myself to do something and I DID it.

Challenge yourself one of this days and do something new, or try a new look. Trust me, it changes your whole perspective. :)


   For today’s outfit, I donned a printed, flowy dress I'd made a couple of years ago while in college.I paired it with a gold sweater, gladiator heels, and my "got to" red bag.

Photo Cred: Kez Kez

Photo Cred: Kez Kez

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