I was looking at this beautiful cotton fabric thinking how the circular printed shapes resembled the moon. An orange crescent moon wrapped individually beside quadrants of blue full moons. Perfect title for someone who RARELY  posts outfits she has made.

Some of you reached out to me trying to figure out why I took a hiatus from blogging for a few weeks. Huge thanks by the way*

Truth be told, I had been draping and sewing my tail off. Much needed time to get back to the basics since half the time what I worked on was mostly crap. Patterns were off, draping was a disaster, seams and darts not aligned, don’t get me started on the zippers and sleeves. Most of my initial work looked like crap because I’d not been working on the craft, hence the rustiness. It was frustrating to say the least. I promised myself not to do “once in a Blue Moon” ROSHIE ANNE outfits, but rather have at least one every week moving forward.

YES, at least one.

It’s quite a daunting challenge considering I'd have to drape the design I visualized, make a pattern, then perfect the said pattern with muslin, finally work on the actual design in a fashion fabric of my choice.

But what’s life without a good challenge now and then?

I thought to myself that this is what my favorite author Malcolm Gladwell was talking about when he wrote about putting 10,000 hours in his book, "The Outliers."

Amazing read by the way.

So here I am rocking my, hold on, first Roshie Anne outfit of the year. Wait, what!! First?

Aaah, never too late to start.

The fabric above was used as a headwrap (see pic on my instagram page) a couple of month ago. Using the same fabric, I'd envisioned  a short sleeveless dress perfect for summer. The bodice and the skirt were draped separately to create the pattern, then the pieces were sewn together to make the dress. For such a vibrant color, I opted for neutral accessories, donning nude high-heeled sandals with a navy blue bag.

How could I forget my other accessory? A big bright smile to complete the look.

Photo Cred: Kimnation

Photo Cred: Kimnation

Once again thanks for stopping by and have an awesome day.

Happy Thursday.