Earlier today, I walked into the house and noticed my brother watching the show ‘Chicago Fire.’  I briefly tried to pay attention and for some how I got riled in. Being the annoying sister that I am, my poor brother had to pause and explain who’s who and what the plot was. If you are a fan of Chicago Fire I get it. I mean, who doesn’t love Firemen?

Seeing the cast, the fire trucks, men in Navy out there saving people got me thinking why not shoot my next post at the fire station? There happened to be one that Keziah and I had frequently spotted on our way back home. Fire Station 14!!

I love the number 14, may be it’s because my birthday falls on the 14th of the month.



If I could have a uniform, this would be it. Jeans, a white tee or cami, and a pair of high-heeled sandals. Oh, so comfortable, and if I am crazy busy running errands, quickly switch to ballet flats.

Funny how my lesso head-wrap had colors similar to the Fire truck. That was absolutely coincidental. 

Photo Cred: Kez Kez

Photo Cred: Kez Kez

Fire Engine Red has always been my go to color. It's especially life-saving (pun-intended) when I am rocking a toned down look.  Red just gives everything life!!

A special thanks to officers at Fire Station 14. You guys were awesome!!!!