Ok!! I know I know….

       I went on vacation and ditched my posts!! My friends who read the blog religiously have given me warnings and such. Apparently, they have been going through our friendship "terms and conditions" since it seems that I'm not doing my part. Ha! Forgive me. I have been enjoying my stay back home and eating like calories do not exist. I tell myself food is super organic, but those masala fries are not!! I mentioned being on a health journey  *coughs* (will catch up on that) but yes, I have been enjoying home-cooked authentic meals, being spoiled rotten, how about those farmer’s choice sausages? I need to stop. Truth be told I am extremely enjoying my time in Kenya that sitting down on a computer to post is an err... afterthought.

     Lately, I have been stuck in a rut. I would get on my site and just feel blah! Zero inspiration and drive. I figured I needed to change up a few things on my blog without losing my aesthetic.  I met up with a dope company that will help in my re-branding and I’m extremely, extremely thrilled. We are on the same page about the direction I want the blog to take. Will keep you updated on how that is coming along. 

This is an outfit post that's really late.  My family and I were heading to Kangari to visit my in-loves. Before we began our journey, we stopped by at Galleria for a family photo shoot and I decided to take a photo session of my own by the curios market. My darling mother makes her debut on my blog yayyy!! She found me taking pictures and jumped right in with me. She is such a pro. Love you mummy dearest!!

There is something about a light, flowy dress. It makes me want to twirl despite the head rush that comes with it. This mint gem from ASOS was a winner; I covered it up with a grey sweater that I borrowed from darling my sissy Nimo and wore comfy orange wedges.

Photo Cred: Stella Nonny

Photo Cred: Stella Nonny

You can tell where I get my energy from. We were laughing and making funny poses as the camera clicked away. My mother is super-hilarious and there is never a dull moment around her. 

There some more outfit posts that will be on here, a tad late but hey, better late than never right?

Thanks stopping by.