There is nothing as beautiful as watching the sun rising. It brings the joy of something new, something unknown, hope, and if I may be poetic, dawn of a new day.

   The sunset. It’s stunningly, beautiful twin sister. Covering the earth with it's soft lighting, colors dipped in an array of warm tones, and the sun’s rays dimly stretching out in the horizon as if saying goodbye for the last time. Sunsets bring an ending of what may have been good or bad.  For the good, a realization of what may be or a foreshadowing of what’s in store. For the bad, an ending, good riddance of some sort! And because I’m always an optimist, hope that the next day will bring good tidings.

I’m feeling all poetic today and I blame it on THE NOTEBOOK. (Yes!! The one and only!!)

I have watched it numerous times to a point where am mouthing of words with the actors. My vacation is over and I’m back in Maryland, it’s super cold outside! How I miss that sun back home. I have tons of unpacking to do, laundry and so forth.

THE NOTEBOOK is my feel good movie.  It’s all about love. Never-ending love! If you are slapping your forehead in utter dismay, bear with me here because I just said “Good riddance of some sort” that I mentioned earlier, and as an eternal romantic, there’s nothing wrong with a little optimism. Right?

For the countless of times I have watched THE NOTEBOOK, I never got to read poems by Walt Whitman. He had a huge influence on Ryan Gosling’s character, Noah. For those of us who love poetry (or only me!! Seriously though! Does anyone read any poetry nowadays?) (Oh the crickets! So while you quickly read this post before going back to Instagram or Facebook, try something new, whenever your phone is off or….bah… who am I trying to convince?)

So where was I? Oh yes! Whitman! I was reading a couple of his poems and my writing juices got fired up. I truly get why he is one of the most revered American poets, often called the father of free verse. A latter day successor of Homer, Dante, and even Shakespeare. (I grabbed that from the Internet, thought it would be good to know.)

 On this particular day, we were heading to the Vineyard to meet up with a few friends and enjoy a couple of drinks, or more. The sun was setting and I loved that the strongest part of the light was right on my head. Making my bald head glow. The colors were so divine that I had my sister Nimo take the pictures before we lost the light. I mixed up a little bit of everything while putting my outfit together. Who said leopard print can’t go with a mash up of prints? I wanted to wear comfortable shoes that would take me through the night. My leopard pair was it. It’s all about having fun and being confident. Trust me, you can get away with anything.


Photo Cred: Miss Nimo

Photo Cred: Miss Nimo

So as the sun was setting, and dusk was being ushered in, I grinned to the thought of a new beginnings and good riddance to the old.

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