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Anne Roshie2 Comments

      It’s almost that time. You can feel it in the air. You hug your coat a little closer as if trying to reassure yourself it’s still there despite all the layers you have worn underneath. You cover your neck up with scarves and dust of your boots because the weather has mandated so. Fall is saying goodbye. Well almost,  and I, like a wailing child who does not want to the parent to leave the house, I'm clinging to it. Sigh!

I heard New York winters are brutal. Gabe, the wonderful guy who took my pictures told me to be prepared. New blogposts will be full of Eskimo like get-ups! Another sigh*

Before I see Fall off, I am rocking my pretty strippy pair which have been gazing at me this fall season since I put them away right after the wedding. This wedding!

     I rarely wear sweater dresses but this burgundy number tickled my fancy. I have a tank and a tee underneath that oversize sweater. Layers I tell you! There’s oversize everything this season. The trick is to break it down to somehow even out the proportions. You dont want to look like you shopped at the big and tall section. For example if you wear an oversize shirt, pair it with skinny jeans, or if it’s baggy boyfriend jeans, a nice fitted turtle neck will work. Some other looks would require you to cinch the waist with a belt that way the clothes dont look like they are about to engulf you. Instead of a belt, I went for my leather jacket which levels out slightly below my waist. Threw a few accessories to complete the look and bam!

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Leather Jacket: HM

Oversize sweater: Necessary clothing (similar)

Jeans: Express


Scarf: HM (similar)

Hat: Forever 21

Bag: Aldo